Visiting Shanghai’s Adult Toys Fair

Friday afternoon, what to do, what to do?

My Chinese friend insisted we should go to that sex fair we were talking about. My Thai friend said it wouldn’t be such a bad idea after all. He already imports goods from China to Thailand and sex toys might be suitable for the Thai market as well.

So, off we went to ‘China International Adult Toys and Reproductive Health Exhibition 2016’. Even though we were tired like hell after a long and difficult week and we didn’t want to ride the subway for 1 hour.

In China, I took part in several fairs where factories were exhibiting their products. These fairs are useful and one can establish good business opportunities and find very cheap products.

While at the other fairs, the organizers were more than happy to welcome foreigners (even providing free accommodation in some cases), hoping that they will bring many business opportunities, this time we even had to pay an entrance fee. Although we got slightly angry for not receiving a student discount, we paid the 80 RMB and we entered the huge building.

It was nice to see how the organizers were kind enough to set a child lounge right before the entrance.


Inside, business dressed people were staring at vibrators, inflatable dolls and other sex toys whose usage was difficult to determine. Every three or four stands, a beautiful girl would present a new product. Professional and amateur photographers were pushing each other to get a better view.

Inside something looking like giant egg shells, two red faced guys with VR headsets were moving slowly, all of this happening in front of an impatient long queue. Virtual sex is here.

A stand away, two folks seemed to have a very serious conversation while checking the quality of a rubber penis. A gentleman in a blue suit gave me his business card and started to show me products from his catalogue.


If you want to know, a good quality sex doll would cost you more than 1000 dollars. In case you prefer diversity and you want to have more than one, you can negotiate for a better price. Everything is negotiable in this fair.

Meantime, one of my friends participated in a contest and won a box of condoms, while the other had his arms busy carrying leaflets and business cards. I also had my pockets full of different brands of condoms offered by smiling people.

Exactly when it started to become boring, we were told there is a second floor, where the real fun is happening. We went there in a hurry and we immediately agreed that the second floor indeed is more fun.

Large displays were streaming live from inside of a room where a Japanese porn star was taking pictures with fans at the price of RMB 100. A bit further, we reached a nice exhibit on China’s sex culture, with different paintings or statues portraying genitals and people having sex. Next to it, pills and plants were promising a better sex life.

Too much to see, to much to understand for only a single day. Although, we still had one hour before the end of the program, we decided to leave. Outside, one of the glamorous models that I saw earlier, was now sitting on the curb eating rice from a plastic casserole.








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