Varanasi’s train station

We still had three hours before our train would depart to Gorakhpur, but we decided to move out of the hotel and go to the station. The road was dustier than usual and the horns of the tuk-tuks noisier than they were hours before. The Indian whiskey amplified our perception on reality.

When we got to the train station we realized that all the rush to get in time for our ride was for nothing. Our train was delayed by several hours – as it happens, a good opportunity for us to enjoy the human spectacle we had in front of our eyes.

Never in my life have I seen so many people sleeping on the floor. They were all waiting for trains to take them to other places.

Only a few dozens of meters away some other people were singing. I guess they couldn’t sleep on the ground and tried to kill the time until their train would arrive. Or maybe they were there for another reason.

Those moments were wonderful. After a few days spent there, Varanasi was giving us a special farewell.

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