Trump wins the elections and China is happy about it

To many people’s surprise, Trump won the elections. Who would have thought? Well, surprises like this happened a lot lately.

During the campaign, China was one of the main targets for Trump’s attacks. He accused China of being a currency manipulator, stealing jobs from the American people, stealing intellectual propriety or American trade secrets. He even said at some point that “We can’t continue to let China rape our country”.

Nevertheless, I think China is not sad with the results of the elections. Why?

To start with, I assume the Chinese politicians understand that Trump doesn’t intend to do all that he has promised during the campaign. Nor does he have the power to actually do all that stuff. Other than that, Trump is obviously a pragmatic person and he will not risk to deteriorate even more US’s relation with China.

Maybe the Chinese don’t like Trump, but for sure they despise Hillary even more. Hillary didn’t hesitate to criticize China or its leaders on several occasions for human rights violations.

But overall, I think the Chinese don’t even care too much about the details mentioned above.

The real reason for which I think they are rather happy is that they can use this year’s US election and their result to mock the popular vote and make their case for the one party rule. “While you guys are creating hatred in your society with your silly elections we continue to focus on making the lives of our people better”.

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