Stories from Asia. Prostitution. Part 3. Nepal

Most of the people I met in Nepal were shy and by no means vulgar; for this reason, it was difficult for me to imagine that some would practice prostitution and that we would be approached in the street.

The first time it happened, we just decided to eat fish in a restaurant from Pokhara, I think the word ‘restaurant’ is too much to describe the what turned out to be an isolated barrack. Two guys were living and working in this place that they’ve rented from someone.

They were happy to finally have clients; we were happy to eat cheap. They were happy to have foreign guests; we were happy they were listening to Led Zeppelin. They graduated in humanities, I graduated in humanities. Add the fact that they were incredibly calm and friendly, speaking in a low voice, it was impossible not to like them.

Since we became friends in such a short time, it only came natural for them to ask us if we want to buy “Good quality hashish, 100% natural.” Usually that offer doesn’t come alone, so moments later, our hosts started bragging how they could also arrange local girls for us. However, they told us the brothel is more than 20 km away and although cheap, “the girls there are ugly and fat”. One of the guys told us he rarely goes there.

They finally brought us the fish we ordered, but it tasted awful. It turns out these junky guys had no talent for cooking.

The second time we were approached for having paid sex, we were in Kathmandu. A staff member of the hotel where we were staying tried to offer us a lot of extra services. Funny enough, the brothel where he was trying to take us to was also more than 20 km away and the price he was trying to charge was huge comparing with the generally low prices throughout Nepal.

Prostitution in the other Asian countries I’ve been to

No pimps or prostitutes approached me in my trips to Mongolia, Malaysia, India or UAE, but I am more than sure that prostitution is practiced there the same way it’s practiced anywhere else in the world.  

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