Spanish parents on strike, no complaints coming from Shanghai

I’ve just read on the internet that the Spanish parents are on strike because their kids have to spend 6.5 hours doing homework every week and that’s too much. That made me laugh.

According to the study quoted, on the top of the list are the students from Shanghai who spend 13.8 hours on homework. The only thing that surprised me at this study is that the Shanghai students only spend 13.8 hours on homework; I was more inclined to believe that they spend at least 20. And I assume this study doesn’t take into consideration that children in China have classes from 7 AM to 5 PM, or the fact that their weekends are stuffed with private classes of English, piano, maths, Chinese etc..

Not that I am advocating for more homework for kids, but seeing how smart, disciplined and hardworking are the kids from China is not hard to imagine which country will have a brighter future.

I hope I will have more time on other occasion to write about the fierce competition among the Chinese students and the huge workloads they perform.

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  1. no surprise they´re catching up n taking over. protests should be about teaching methodology and what activities kids are supposed to carry out for homework and not really the length of it

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