Short Guide on How to Spend China’s Singles’ Day

Are you living in China as a single? Are you feeling lonely and anxious about the upcoming Chinese celebration of Singles’ Day? There is no need to worry as I elaborated this useful two-step guide that will help you go over your problems and have a great Singles’ Day.

In case you didn’t already know, this event is celebrated in China every 11th of November by unmarried people; the four 1’s from the date (11/11) symbolize the people who are single.

Step 1 – Spend all your money on Taobao.

Starting with 2009 the Alibaba Group, one of the biggest online retailers in the world decided to give Singles’ Day and extra meaning and transform it in what The Economist calls a shopping orgy. Thus large discounts were offered for the products listed on the websites of this group and Chinese consumers could only be happy about it. In the meantime this event became the largest online shopping event in the world, exceeding the sales made in the US during Black Friday.

Taobao, one of my favorite websites for doing online shopping is also part of the Alibaba Group and offers great deals during the Singles’ Day.

So, just in case you didn’t do that already, make sure the card linked to your Taobao account has all your financial reserves on it and get ready for the shopping race. The goods you will buy will for sure fill the emptiness of your soul.

Step number 2 – Visit the marriage markets

While in the West marriage is slowly losing importance, in China it continues to be a very important institution. So important that some cities have the so called “marriage markets” where parents come to advertise their unmarried children.


Recently I visited Shanghai’s Marriage Market and it was definitely an experience worth having. There I met many potential parents in law (hundreds) and I read long lists with people looking for a partner. I also met friendly professional matchmakers whose main task is to link people whom they think might be suitable for each other. One of these matchmakers offered to advertise my profile for free, because he believes in real love – or something of that sort. To make your task easier when looking for a partner on these markets, they are carefully separated in several lists such as: people who are looking for a foreign partner, people who have studied abroad and so on.

Real love is what most of the people coming to these markets are looking for. Nevertheless, beware as some people might ask you to list other criterias that are more important for them such as your weight, your age, your city of residence and, of course, the type of house you have.

Singles’ Day only comes once a year. Make sure you follow this guide accurately. Good luck!

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