Meet Chhin, the friendly tuk-tuk driver from Siem Reap, Cambodia

Sometimes, you have all the ingredients for a good traveling experience, but you will still need a little extra that makes the cohesion and arranges everything so that you can fully enjoy the place you are visiting.

This time, the element that helped us having a great traveling experience was Chhin, a friendly tuk-tuk driver that I hired during my recent trip to Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Two friends of mine, who have recently been to Cambodia, introduced me to Chhin, and one week later he picked me from Siem Reap’s airport.

For the next two days, Chhin was my driver, my guide and my friend. He drove me around Siem Ream, guided me in the incredible Angkor Wat, introduced me the Cambodian food and showed me good places to have fun, exchange currency in, but he also prevented me on things or locations that I should avoid. Without him around I am sure I couldn’t have possibly made so much out of my stay in Siem Reap.


Chhin explaining about Cambodia and its neighbors 


It was interesting for me to see that Chhin was keeping our side even when we were purchasing goods from some of his nationals. He would always tell me in advance what is the minimum I could get for a bargain. In many places, drivers will try to take you to shops where they get commissions for each purchase you make.

Chhin became a tuk-tuk driver a few years ago when he got tired of working as a chef. His salary was low, so he decided to invest $750 into a tuk-tuk and become “his own boss.” Now he has more time for himself. Moreover, he can nap in his tuk-tuk when his clients are visiting temples and don’t need his help. His English is not great, but good enough to assist you with everything you need around.

If you ever plan on visiting Siem Reap, I highly recommend you ask for Chhin Lean’s help. You can message him on his personal Facebook page, call him (+855 12 42 51 81), or check his website.
He doesn’t charge more, only $15 for one day of service, or $5 to pick you from the airport. We paid him a few bucks extra as we were more than happy with his service.

Have a nice trip!



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