In Front of the Dear Leader, Comrade Kim Jong Il’s Birthplace at the Mt. Paektu Secret Camp

During my recent trip to North Korea, I had bought lots of local literature, hoping to better understand this isolated country. Every once in a while I will share here excerpts from these books. Today you can read about Kim Jong Suk and the moment she gave birth to Kim Jong Il. 


In front of the desk where I am writing about this event hangs the scroll inscribed with the poem composed by Generalissimo Kim Il Sung on the occasion of the 50th birthday of the dear leader Comrade Kim Jong Il.

Jong Il Peak soars high above Mt. Paektu Where the limpid Sobaek meanders.

Can it be the Shining Star’s fiftieth birthday already?

Admired by all for his power of pen and sword Combined with his loyal and filial mind,

And unanimous praise and cheers shake heaven and earth.

As I recite the poem, I remember the simple log cabin without a gate or a fence in the thickly wooded valley of the Sobaek, the old home of the dear leader which I visited last summer.

At the sight of the log cabin nestling in the forest of larch, silver fir and Abies nephrolepises in the bright sunshine, l felt my heart throbbing.

Looking at the log cabin where the dear leader Comrade Kim Jong Il was born, the cabin with two doors and one window flung open, I felt as if I were seeing the smiling face of Comrade Kim Jong Suk coming out through one of the open doors.

The sight of the simple furniture, a wooden pistol, a knife and a pair of binoculars on a small desk and the Korean map made my heart swell, because these historic relics were the objects of Kim Jong Suk’s maternal care.

The more I thought about them, the more clearly I could see her image. Even now I felt as if I were hearing her familiar voice ringing out from the log cabin.

My feeling was all the stronger because it was at this cabin that Comrade Kim Jong Il was born to carry forward the revolutionary cause of Juche. […]

Kim ll, who was climbing up the Sobaek valley in the General’s company, pulled the small unit commander gently by the sleeve and said in a low voice: It’s really a jubilant event. The birth of the heir to the General’s cause cannot help but be an auspicious event for our nation. ”

“Yes, we too heard the news at the training base and on our way to this place. So we sped up our march, but we are some what late because the General has had to deal with various things on the way.”

At the news of the birth of the General’s son, all the Mt Paektu area is enveloped in joy. Everyone is in high spirit saying that the bright future of the country is assured. Indeed, it’s extremely good luck for the Korean revolution. ”

“That is right. A Shining star has risen on Mt. Paektu to carry forward and accomplish the General’s revolutionary cause.” It is said that the news is not spread far and wide because Comrade Kim Jong Suk is against it, but we must tell the world about the jubilant event, the glory and pride of Korea, as soon as possible.”

Yes, that’d be good.” Soon they arrived at the secret camp in the General’s company. The comrade who was standing on guard even forgot to report to the General and shouted, “Comrade Commander has come!”

Soldiers came running out. They greeted him and each tried to stand in front.

At this moment Kim Jong Suk, with the baby in her arms, approached the General. Commanding officers and men focussed their eyes on the General, Kim Jong Suk and the baby. A woman guerrilla, who was standing by Comrade Kim Jong Suk, took the baby from her and said to the General Comrade Commander, please try and hold the baby in your arms.”

Thank you, comrades,” the General said and held his son in his embrace.

The commanding officers and men looked up at the General and his son respectfully.

The women guerrillas wiped their tears of joy and were beside themselves, holding one another’s hands.

Looking at his son affectionately, the General said, “Let us bring up the younger generation well so that they will take over the revolutionary cause…. It is our will to let the younger generation carry forward the Red flag of the revolution which was raised high on Mt. Paektu.”

His words conveyed a profound meaning to our minds.

Presently, Kim Jong suk received the baby in her arms and said, “General, let’s go into the Headquarters.”

No words can describe the august event fully.[…]


Kim Jong Suk – The Anti-Japanese Heroine, by Kim Ok Sun, p. 34 – 38


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