How to impress your friends visiting you in Shanghai Shanghai Propaganda Poster Art Center

It’s never easy to decide where to take your friends when they visit your city. You will have to study their personality at least one month in advance in order to decide whether you will have to take them to some old Chinese garden, to a museum, or to simply invite them to the bar nearest to your place and talk about your latest adventures in China.  

But since I moved to Shanghai, I no longer have all these dilemmas. I know for a fact that everybody will love the Shanghai Propaganda Poster Art Center. As for myself, I never get bored visiting it again and again, because I find most of the things exhibited there to be extremely interesting.

As you well assumed, this museum houses propaganda materials from the Maoist period, but also a large collection of Shanghai Lady Posters. This privately owned museum is the only one of its kind in China and exists thanks to the efforts of Yang Pei Ming, who collected all the posters and then struggled to receive the official license needed for running it. Equally great is the fact that this museum has a shop where you can buy copies of the objects exhibited there, as well as some original materials. So on my next visit there I think I will make a financial effort and I will buy one of Mao’s Red Books, issued in 1969, which costs 350 Yuan.

The owner of the museum was kind enough to also make a website for the museum, so I am inviting you all to explore the awesome propaganda posters online.

Below you can see some of the posters that I particularly liked:

Not too many sows can be this productive
The guy in the middle represents the labor hero. He looks pretty strange to me.
“Exposing the American Imperialism hidden in a paper tiger”
I assume this one was made soon after Mao took power, because the good relations between the two did not lasted long
I assume this one was made soon after Mao took power, because the good relationship between the two did not last long
China-Russia friendship


Jian Qing, aka Madame Mao
Jian Qing, aka Madame Mao

You are probably wondering how come Shanghai Lady Posters are also exhibited in this museum dedicated to Propaganda Posters; many artists who created Mao’s propaganda posters have also created the Shanghai Girl Posters in the pre-Communist China

Shanghai Girl
Modern art, 1930’s
Many interpretations for this image
Bad habits, Mr. Artist

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  1. Great article, Mao’s been a model for Communist leaders in terms of personal cult and propaganda

  2. Great place once you find it!

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