Being interested in politics, I currently find myself in a place that is taking back its central position in World Politics – China. As an avid traveler, I love to see remote regions that have not yet been fully engulfed by globalization’s processes. For all the other things that I like I have the internet, the most amazing of all tools. Being part of the last generation which experienced the pre-web era allows me to grasp the great value brought by the internet. Taking advantage of this tool that is now at hand, I’ve decided to make this blog. Join me, read my stories, and let’s share ideas together!

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Mihai Titienar

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  1. Daniela Gonzalez says: Reply

    I really like your stories, you should go to Latin America

    1. Thank you Daniela! For sure I will come there. Sooner rather than later. Meantime, come visit me here in Asia.

  2. Thanks for the follow.

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